Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where does the time go...............

I have no clue where the day goes either? I just want to give an update on my weight loss. I went to the dr last week and lost 47 pounds together. The weight is coming off slower now. I did not get a fill. I hated that. He said he thinks I am too full on my fill. I throw up a lot! I hate that too. I just got done doing that just now and fill like I got to go back in the bathroom and do it again. OH GOD! Well, I will write more another time. I have been so busy with Isabella. She keeps my busy!

Have a good nite.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Went to dr. tuesday........

Went to the Baratic's dr. I lost 20 pounds. YAY! I lost that in 3 weeks. YAY! I got a million more to go. LOL Nothing new here. I live a boring life. Isabella is whinning like always. I guess she is tired of her play pen. She watches Elmo. She loves that. He is a cute little red fellow. I like to meet him. LOL Well got to run and pay attention to her. It is National BINGO NITE! YAY!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am making a life change....

I am having a Lap-band done. I been trying to do this since Oct.06. I have my date now and it is May 23. I am on a liquid diet 7 days pre-op. It is not as bad as I thought it would be so far. I am kind of dizzy and lite headed. But I am not eatting/drinking all that I could. Here is my diet:

Liquids that can be taken in any amount:
*Sugar free beverages such as Crystal light, sugar free Kool-aid, diet sodas
*Coffee, tea, water (w/sugar substitute)
*Broth soup (all varieties)
*Sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello, no sugar added Fudgesicles

Liquids in moderation:

*Juice (apple,orange,grapefruit,tomato) or gatorade:1 cup per day
*Milk(skim,1%,2%) 2 cups per day
*High protein, low carb shake (ie.,Atkin's shake, Carnation instant B'fast no sugar added,Carb Control, slim Fast-lowcarb, EAS)2 per day

Solid Foods:

*Fruit (1/2 c. canned or 1 small piece of fruit) 2 per day
*Dairy Products: 8 oz sugar free yogurt, 1/2 c. cottage cheese, or sugar free pudding: 3 per day
*Raw veggies:2 cups per day

Take a chewable Vitamin (once a day) and one Tums tablet (twice a day)

Today, I did try to eat/drink more. I had to come home yesterday, cause I thought I was going to pass out. I have to stay in the hospital over nite. That Sucks. With my insurance they want them too. Why me? I just hope that one day I will be skinny. Michael says it is my choice. I beleive that it is too and something I want done. I can not lose on my own. I have tried and failed at all. This is like that last thing to do. I am at that point. I want to be healthly for my kids. Isabella is 8 months now and lord is she a pain some times. She already is spoiled to me. That is all that she sees. Michael works and works. He don't come home to late and leaves early. So she is around me 24/7. Well, wish me luck. I will post my weight loss as i lose.

Friday, January 19, 2007


It is Friday. What a week. I think I have lost it. Isabella has screamed most of the week. She got her shots Tuesday and since then Lord have mercy. SHe must have been in pain. They gave her Zantac and I stop giving her that just in Case that is bothering her. After a few days i will start giving it back to her. She hate it anyways. It taste bad. I have not did much at all this week 'cause of her. There is so much to do around here and no one to do it. Well, maybe someday I will get it done. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Isabella 4 months.......

Isabella had her 4 months check up yesterday. She got he 4 shots. She weighs 15 pounds and 4 oz. She is also 25 long. She is growing. The doctor gave her ok to feed baby food. Which I told her I already did. She said that was fine. SO thats good. Not much going on here. Been kind of boring. Isabella has been fussing a little. She has been good all day until Michael comes home and it is time to eat. Here I am trying to eat while holding her, I think I got more on the floor or my gown then I did in my mouth. LOL AMerican Idol started last nite. I am so glad. There has been nothing on T.V. at nite. SO now I have something to watch. YAY! Well, I best go. Isabella is whinning in her bouncey chair. Maybe I need to give her a little more bounce. LOL

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday nite.....

It was such a nice winter day in the high 60's. What happen to Winter? I am glad if it stays like that, but nope it wont. I heard tonite on the news that there will be snow on Monday. How great! I will be sick for sure then. I think I would like to live somewhere that did not have winter (cold months) It would be nice. Well, I need to go It is time for Isabella to eat. I gave her Rice cereal this morning. I did not give her any veggies today. SHe has slept pretty good today. I am sure when the night comes she will be awake all nite. No sleep for me. I sure miss my sleep!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

a nice day.

It is such a nice day today. I should be out there enjoying it, but I am not. I just can't get my big butt up and to go anywhere. I don't want to get depress like I was before and not go no where. But I feel it a coming. I have and excuss every day why I did not get out. What is todays excuss? I need to go to the store and been trying to go all week now. Today is Thursday and almost the week is over. Isabella is in her bed a sleep. I wish I was. I am so tired. I do not know why. I don't do nothing but EAT! How does that make you tired? Maybe using my arm or hand too much. Ha Well, I got to go and get ready for Isabella to wake up to eat. When she wakes up she will be screaming! When she is hungry she is hungry! Yesterday was a bad day for me she took 3 naps in the day and all she slept was 15 mintues each one. How can I get anything done in that 15 minutes? Heck I wanted to take a nap too. 15 minutes is not enough for me.